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    Move ScreenModes to before video drivers · bad70deb
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      Components/ROOL/BCM2835, BCM2835Pico, IOMD32, OMAP3, OMAP3Live, OMAP4, Tungsten - Moved ScreenModes (+FPEmulator) to just before the video drivers, so that (once the EDID changes are submitted) the first mode change will be able to use EDID-derived mode timings instead of fixed ones.
      IOMD change is somewhat non-essential due to lack of EDID reading support, but keeps things consistent with the other ROMs.
      Also moved PandoraKey to be with the other keyboard (USB) drivers.
      Tested on BB-xM, Iyonix, Pandora, Raspberry Pi, RiscPC
    Version 6.47. Tagged as 'BuildSys-6_47'
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