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    Add RTC HAL device · f38116c4
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      CJE's RTC module uses a DS1307-compatible RTC chip similar to the one used in the Iyonix. Previously the kernel handled talking to it, but now that low-level RTC handling has been moved out of the kernel we need an RTC HAL device in the BCM2835 HAL instead.
      s/RTC - A copy of s.RTC from the Tungsten HAL, relicensed as BSD with permission from Rob Sprowson
      Makefile, hdr/StaticWS, s/Top - Additional changes needed to hook the code into the HAL
      Tested on Raspberry Pi, but without an RTC module fitted
      However the similarity of the clock chip to the one in the Iyonix should mean there's little chance of this code failing to work correctly when an RTC is fitted
    Version 0.31. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_31'
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