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    Make HAL report keyboard present during boot · 7380897b
    Ben Avison authored
      Given the complexity of the USB system on the BCM2835, it seems unlikely
      that the HAL keyboard scan will ever be implemented. Not only does this
      mean it doesn't honour any of the CMOS reset or monitor configuration keys,
      but it means the kernel will always attempt to boot the configured
      filing system and drive, irrespective of the *Configure [No]Boot setting,
      after printing "No keyboard present - autobooting". By changing the HAL
      to report a keyboard present but with no keys held down, we at least get
      the [No]Boot option honoured again (even if the Shift key can't be used
      to invert its sense), and have the message suppressed.
      Tested on a Raspberry Pi.
    Version 0.33. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_33'
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