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    Fix SD card activity LED on Pi 3B · 3e87de33
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      hdr/BCM2835 - Remove mailbox definitions - use the ones exported by BCMSupport to avoid needless duplication
      hdr/StaticWS, s/Messaging, s/Top - Use the mailbox property interface to request & map in the virtual GPIO buffer (if present)
      s/SDIO - On the Pi 3B, the GPIO that was used for the SD activity GPIO is now used for a different purpose. To control the activity LED we need to go via an I2C attached GPIO extender, which itself is exposed to the ARM via the new "virtual GPIO" buffer
      s/VCHIQ - Update to use BCMSupport mailbox definitions
      Tested on Pi 1B, 3B
    Version 0.54. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_54'
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