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    Fix global OS_SynchroniseCodeAreas. ARMop tweaks. · e6c4e3c2
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/ExtraSWIs - Fix global OS_SynchroniseCodeAreas using the wrong appspace size; would have resulted in appspace only being partially synced if some pages were mapped out due to lazy swapping
      s/ARMops, s/ExtraSWIs, s/MemMap2 - Simplify code by making DCache_LineLen / ICache_LineLen store the actual line length values on ARMv7+ instead of the log2 values. Optimise SMP I-cache invalidation by allowing it to do a global invalidate. Ensure all ARMv7+ range checks use LO instead of NE, to avoid any problems with mismatched I/D line lengths (can't be sure the op range was rounded to the larger of the two)
      Tested on iMX6
    Version 5.88, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_88-4_129_2_5'
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