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    Commit of kernel as featured in release 5.00. · 9664c93b
    Ben Avison authored
      Lots of changes since last version, at least the following:
      * Updated OS timestamp, removed alpha status
      * Negative INKEY OS version changed to &AA
      * GraphicsV is now alocated vector number &2A
      * ROM moved up to &FC000000
      * Max application slot increased to 512 Mbytes (for now)
      * Max size of RMA increased to 256 Mbytes
      * RMA is now first-created dynamic area (so it gets lowest address after
        top of application slot)
      * OS_Memory 10 reimplemeted
      * New OS_ReadSysInfo 6 values 18-22 added
      * OS_ReadSysInfo 8 gains flag bit to indicate soft power-off
      * Misc internal top-bit-set-address fixes
      * *ChangeDynamicArea can take sizes in megabytes or gigabytes
      * Magic word "&off" in R0 passed to OS_Reset powers down if possible
      * Added acceleration: block copy; CLS; text window scroll up; rectangle
      * Disabled LED flashing in page mode (liable to crash)
      * Masked sprite plot and VDU 5 text avoids reading the screen if possible
      * Framestore made USR mode accessible
      * Fix for VDU 5,127 bug - now relies on font definitions being in extreme
        quarters of memory, rather than bottom half
      * Allocated 64-bit OS_Convert... SWIs
      * IIC errors use allocated error numbers
      * Looks for Dallas RTC before Philips RTC because we're using a Philips
        NVRAM device with the same ID
      * Fix to bug that meant the oscillator in the Dallas RTC wasn't enabled
      * Default mouse type (USB) changed to allocated number
      * Ram disc max size increased to 128 Mbytes (Ursula merge) and made
        cacheable for StrongARMs (not XScale)
      * Branch through zero handler now works in USR mode, by use of a
        trampoline in the system stack to allow PC-relative register storage
      * Address exception handler changed to not use 0 as workspace
      * OS_Memory 13 extended to allow specification of cacheability and access
      * Added OS_Memory 16 to return important memory addresses
      * RISCOS_MapInIO() takes cacheable flag in bit 3, access permissions in
        bits 10 and 11, doubly-mapped flag in bit 20, and access permissions
        specified flag in bit 21
      * Bug fix in last version for application abort handlers didn't quite
        work; register shuffle required
      * "Module is not 32-bit compatible" error now reports the module name
      * Default configured language changed from 10 to 11 (now Desktop again)
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_51'
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