1. 21 Jul, 2012 1 commit
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      Add initial VFPv1/VFPv2 support · 28c505b0
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        - CheckHardware can now correctly determine that the ARM1176JZF-S is ARMv6, not ARMv7
        - Added initial support for VFPv1/v2; currently only supports implementations that use FSTMX/FLDMX standard format 1, and for which we know we can read the MVFR0/MVFR1 registers. I.e. only VFP11 supported at present.
        - Fixed null pointer dereference in ExamineContext when examining the active context
        Tested on Raspberry Pi with high processor vectors
        Note there is no support code present, so using the coprocessor outside of RunFast mode will result in aborts.
      Version 0.04. Tagged as 'VFPSupport-0_04'
  2. 20 Mar, 2012 1 commit
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      Use official error block. Disallow instantiation. Warn clients before finalising. · b881f3cf
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        Resources/UK/Messages, s/Errors, hdr/VFPSupport - Errors now declared in public header. New/updated error messages and symbols.
        s/GetAll - Changed GET order to work with errors in header file
        s/Module - Disallow instantiation. Manually issue Service_ModulePostFinal during finalisation, to give clients slightly more warning than the kernel does.
        Tested in OMAP3 ROM
      Version 0.03. Tagged as 'VFPSupport-0_03'
  3. 01 Feb, 2011 2 commits
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      Rename those constants like I said I would · 45287c9a
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/Module, hdr/VFPSupport - VFPSupport_Create_LazyActivate & VFPSupport_Create_Activate now renamed to ..._CreateContext_... like they were meant to have been in my last checkin
        Tested on rev A2 BB-xM
      Version 0.02. Not tagged
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      Tweak VFPSupport API and add support for contexts stored in application space · 1355ea60
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        s/Module, hdr/VFPSupport - New/changed features:
        - Contexts can now be flagged as being in application space if they're created with the VFPSupport_Context_AppSpace flag
        - VFPSupport_ChangeContext accepts a VFPSupport_ChangeContext_AppSpace flag, which will force the context change to occur in a nonlazy manner if the currently active context is in application space
        - VFPSupport_CreateContext accepts a VFPSupport_CreateContext_LazyActivate flag, to indicate that after creation the context should be activated lazily (unlike VFSupport_CreateContext_Activate)
        - VFPSupport_Context_Activate renamed to VFPSupport_CreateContext_Activate for clarity
        - VFPSupport_CheckContext now ignores the Activate/LazyActivate flags, so the same flag word can be passed to Check & Create
        - "Context ID" simplified to just "Context pointer", as an indiciation of the fact that I now have no plans to make VFPSupport keep a master list of extant contexts
          - This makes it legal for programs to move/copy/delete contexts as long as they've made sure that the ExamineContext doesn't indicate that any part of the context is active
        - VFPSupport_ExamineContext now returns the context size in R4 instead of the context ID
        Test/test1,ffb - Updated to work with new API
        Tested on rev A2 BB-xM.
        VFPSupport_ExamineContext change is backwards-incompatible!
      Version 0.02. Tagged as 'VFPSupport-0_02'
  4. 25 Nov, 2010 2 commits
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      Add initial version of VFPSupport module · 636765ec
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        Initial VFP/NEON support code for RISC OS. Features:
        * Basic detection code for determining VFP version. Should work OK on all architecture versions.
        * Provides code to perform VFP/NEON context switches
        * Context switches can be lazy or immediate
        * Context register dumps can be stored in user-allocated memory or memory allocated by VFPSupport
        * Basic APIs for examining contexts and reporting available hardware features
        * "FastAPI" that privileged code can use for context switching in order to avoid SWI call overheads
        Missing/unfinished features:
        * No VFP exception handler is present, so the module will refuse to run on anything but a VFPv3 system
        * Lazy context switching is simplistic, opting to activate the new context upon the first undefined instruction abort instead of checking to see if it was a VFP instruction that triggered the abort
        * No interface to allow debuggers to easily get their hands on a register dump following a crash...
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      created by srccommit. · d9a85246
      Jeffrey Lee authored