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    Improve RAM detection/setup code. Update mailbox code in DMA driver. · d05a29d9
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/Top - Improved RAM detection/setup to not assume that the OS image is at &0000 (current start.elf seems to place it at &8000). New code correctly supports compressed ROMs, and has some basic code implemented to read the RAM setup from the mailbox property interface (currently disabled, pending official firmware rollout + final testing)
      s/DMA - Updated mailbox property interface code to adhere to the current spec. Still needs testing with release firmware (the start.elf I'm using seems to report no DMA channels as being available)
      Tested with a release start.elf (July 9th, or thereabouts) as well as a more recent test version containing initial mailbox property interface implementation
      Fixes issue with last 32K of ROM being wiped on startup
    Version 0.13. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_13'
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