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    Add flexible scheme to allow non-grey/opaque toolsprites · 2137a784
    Robert Sprowson authored
    The Wimp can now accept toolsprite sets which have precalculated (non default) colour translation tables supplied by the designer.
    This allows the link between window template colour and displayed tool colour to be reestablished when the tools aren't grey (previously, the Ursula Wimp would only tint greys).
    For full design details see Doc/ToolTables.
    An example test set, TestO/TTTTest is provided. This is the 'Newlook' set but with a splotch in the corner of each sprite which is then replaced by the hex of the Wimp colour being requested.
     Wimp01.s: New workspace requirements
     Wimp04.s: Pull out the RGB to greyscale function so it can be used elsewhere
     Wimp10.s: New tool table support code
    Fixes ticket #323.
    Also introduces a disc variant (with the extra EX0 EY0 resolution) of the 'Steel' theme, thus making it generally available.
    Version 5.30. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_30'