Commit 64010501 authored by Ben Avison's avatar Ben Avison Committed by ROOL
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Tweak definition of `${MAKE}` when cross-compiling

When executing the makefile from within the `objs` directory, this now
includes an implicit `-C..` option. This makes it simpler to write agnostic
makefiles. For example,

	${MAKE} -f other${EXT}mk other_target

rather than

ifeq (,${MAKE_VERSION})
	${MAKE} -f other/mk other_target
	${MAKE} -f ../ other_target
parent b0848633
......@@ -72,7 +72,11 @@ HDR2H = perl ${TOOLSDIR}/Build/Hdr2H,102
INSERTVERSION = awk -f ${TOOLSDIR}/Build/AwkVers
INSTRES = perl ${TOOLSDIR}/Build/InstRes,102
INSTVIARG = perl ${TOOLSDIR}/Build/InstViaRG,102
ifeq (objs,$(notdir ${CURDIR}))
MAKE = make -C..
MAKE = make
MODGEN = modgen
MODSQZ = modsqz
NOP = #
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