Commit b0848633 authored by Ben Avison's avatar Ben Avison Committed by ROOL
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Compatibility fix for amu < 5.32

Earlier versions couldn't cope with RES_OBJ being set to an empty string.
parent 4f35a3e7
......@@ -410,12 +410,14 @@ resources-None: resources_extra resources_common
resources-: resources_extra resources_cmdhelp resources_common
ifneq (${RES_OBJ},)
o.${RES_OBJ}: resources-${CMDHELP} ${DIRS}
${RESGEN} ${RES_AREA} $@ -via o._ResGen_
od.${RES_OBJ}: o.${RES_OBJ}
${CP} o.${RES_OBJ} $@ ${CPFLAGS}
# ROM build rules
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