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    Update to zlib 1.2.5, plus modifications · 523b4e33
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      zlib 1.2.5 update:
      - README, c/*, h/* - Updated to zlib 1.2.5
      - algorithm - Deleted; updated doc now in 'doc' folder
      - doc/* - Added docs for zlib 1.2.5
      Changes compared to the official zlib distribution:
      - h/zutil - Use OS_CODE of 0x0d for RISC OS, as decreed by rfc1952
      - c/gzlib, c/gzread, c/gzwrite, h/zconf, h/zlib - Reintroduced ability to use ISO file access functions instead of POSIX ones, to allow the library to be easily used with Norcroft. Added gzgetheader() and gzputheader() functions to allow easy read/write of gzip file headers via the gzip file interface
      Other changes:
      - Makefile - Makefile rewritten. Now supports building of two components: zlib for the main zlib libraries (in application, module and utility/relocatable forms), and zlibmodlib, a library that wraps the ZLib module SWIs to provide a drop-in replacement for static linking against zlib (only builds application & module configs)
      - c/modlib - Main zlibmodlib source
      Main deflate/inflate code tested somewhat
      gzip code modifications and zlibmodlib currently untested
    Version 1.19. Tagged as 'zlib-1_19'