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    Minor fixes, some of which have been waiting to be committed for a while. · 6fb60dbf
    Ben Avison authored
      * Command line buffer for Wimp_StartTask (and anything that uses it,
        eg *WimpTask) increased from 256 bytes to 1024 bytes.
      * Top-bit-set message list pointers passed to Wimp_Initialise and
        Wimp_RemoveMessages now work (there was never a problem with
      * The fix for top-bit-set application name pointers in Wimp 4.65 actually
        only fixed lookup for "<application> may have gone wrong" lookups. They
        now work correctly in error window title construction, and when
        constructing an application sprite name if flag bit 8 is clear.
      * A pointer value of 0 is now accepted in addition to -1 for an
        "<application> may have gone wrong" lookup - this brings it into line
        with the other two places where the application name pointer is
      * When constructing an error window title, the Wimp would skip any leading
        backslash character. Now it does so when constructing "<application> may
        have gone wrong" too - this is a simple way to disable the application
        sprite in the error window.
      Error box behaviour actually tested this time!
    Version 4.67. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_67'
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