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    Allow a different set of window toolicons for the window with the input focus. · 58925e79
    Steve Revill authored
      Previous versions of the Window Manager required toolicons to have pixels
      that were transparent so that the background colour could be used to indicate
      whether a window had input focus or not. This means that new sets of toolicons
      either have to have transparent pixels or lose indication of input focus.
      To remove this limitation the support for toolicons has been extended so
      that a different set of toolicons can be used for the window with the input
      The new icons have the prefix 'f' added to their names as follows:
        <toolname>    standard version of toolicon
        p<toolname>   pressed version of toolicon
        f<toolname>   focus version of toolicon
        pf<toolname>  pressed+focus version of toolicon
      Code has been added to ensure that all toolicons are represented.
      This is done in two stages; first the pressed icons are checked and for any
      missing its non-pressed equivalent will be filled in. Next the focus icons
      are checked and for missing ones its non-focus equivalent will be used.
      Tested on Iyonix RO5.11
      Fred Graute
    Version 5.03. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_03'
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