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    Make colour used for the window outline configurable. · 54c5c7c9
    Steve Revill authored
      Allow the outline to be plotted over the window tools.
      The options available through WimpVisualFlags have been extended with two
      new options that control how the window outline is plotted.
      WimpVisualFlags -WindowOutlineColour <&RRGGBB> -WindowOutlineOver
      WindowOutlineColour defines the colour to be used for the window outline.
      It allows theme designers to choose a window outline colour that fits
      in with a theme's general colour scheme. Default value is black.
      WindowOutlineOver controls if the window outline is plotted over the
      toolicons. It can be used to ensure that there is a window outline
      visible even when the toolicons are borderless. Default value is off.
      Tested on RO 5.11
      Fred Graute
    Version 5.04. Tagged as 'Wimp-5_04'
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