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    * Lazarus UI change. (Fault fix for ID 1140.) · 5481e4c3
    Simon Forrest authored
      * The top of the toolbar had a single pixel light-grey line along the
        edge.  This caused unpleasant twittering on TV displays.  Although
        the twittering is always going to be a problem, due to the boundary
        between the toolbar and the browser window, this small change to
        remove the light-grey line improves the situation.  A thick dark-grey
        line is now used instead which significantly reduces the effect of
        the twitter.
        (This change applied to NCFrescoRO also; I doubt whether the WIMP
        sprite pool version is actually used but I've changed this anyway
        just in case!)
      * Tested as a softload on Lazarus hardware.
    Version 4.36. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_36'
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