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    Minor bugfix. · 5443a7f5
    Ben Avison authored
      On previous Wimps, if you chose to disassociate the Wimp's physical colour
      mapping from the Wimp palette (using SWI Wimp_SetColourMapping), then
      subsequent calls to Wimp_SetPalette would write over the physical colour
      mapping instead of the Wimp palette. *WimpPalette, conversely, had the
      correct behaviour (ie it only ever affected the Wimp palette).
      There are actually loads of remaining bugs in the Wimp regarding the
      subtle difference between the physical colour mapping and the palette. Some
      calls try to cause a screen redraw in some circumstances, generally the
      wrong circumstances, and without all the necessary internal Wimp variables
      having been reset (so for example, you might find that window borders end
      up ibeing rendered incorrectly). It probably hasn't all worked properly
      since RISC OS 3.1...
    Version 4.53. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_53'
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