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    A number of bugfixes. · 45a23f3f
    Ben Avison authored
      * The character codes returned from the Key_Pressed event were incorrect
        when the caret was in a writeable icon with Kd in the validation string,
        and either (a) the caret was not at the start and Delete or Backspace were
        pressed, or (b) the caret was not at the end and Copy was pressed. (This
        was because, in these cases, the writeable icon code exited through
        passbacktouser rather than exitprocess; the former expects the keycode to
        be preserved, but the UTF-8 extensions to key handling were corrupting it.)
        Shift-Copy, Ctrl-Copy and Ctrl-U were not affected.
      * The various checkhandle routines now preserve flags again, as they did
        before 32-bit support was added. This is crucial in a number of spots,
        because the flags are based upon a test of handle, and checkhandle
        corrupts the handle register. This fixes at least two bugs: you can now
        send messages to menus or dialogue boxes again, and Wimp_RedrawWindow
        called without a Redraw_Window_Request is back (so for example, the
        Desktop Welcome screen now works again).
      * Fixed a bit of errant 26-bitism in the multiple-window iconise code.
      Tested briefly on an Ursula build.
    Version 4.52. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_52'
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