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    A couple of fixes for bugs that were crippling 32-bit Lazarus builds. · 443e5637
    Ben Avison authored
      1) The pointer to the module flags word wasn't made relative to the start
         of the module; because the linker bases an image at &8000 by default,
         this meant that the module flags pointer pointed at a word 32K too far
         into the image, and there were even chances whether a given build of
         the Wimp would appear to be 32-bit compatible.
      2) Due to a missing alignment directive in the Wimp's workspace layout, if
         you did a build of the Wimp where one or more of the ClickSubmenus,
         IconiseButton, StickyEdges or BounceClose switches were on but the
         PoppingIconBar one was off, you would end up with several word-sized
         locations being non-word-aligned. This affected embedded builds, where
         only the ClickSubmenus switch (new in Wimp 4.57) is typically set, but
         not desktop builds, where PoppingIconBar is typically set.
      Only tested on a desktop machine so far, but this wouldn't have shown up
      either of the problems in the first place...
    Version 4.63. Tagged as 'Wimp-4_63'
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