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    Support for OMAP543x, AM5728 and ADFS 4 · ac8f2a6d
    Ben Avison authored
      * Complete the Cortex-A7 support which was initially added for RPi 2, to
        allow for builds that only target Cortex-A7. Because Cortex-A15 and
        Cortex-A17 CPUs are indistinguishable architecturally from Cortex-A7
        (all are ARMv7VE with VFPv4, Advanced SIMD v2 and hardware integer divide)
        any such platforms are expected to use Machine=CortexA7. Also bear in
        mind that if we ever support multiple cores on big.LITTLE CPUs, execution
        can move between these core types at runtime, making an assembly time
        option to distinguish between them meaningless!
      * Correct Machines All and All32 to include support for VFPv4
      * Decloak the ATA driver SWI chunk
      * Add a global error allocation for use by the ATA subsystem (placed in
        global space because it propagates into the CD stack)
    Version 2.55. Tagged as 'HdrSrc-2_55'
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