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    Added new service call sub-reason code. · a80f39d0
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Service_InternetStatus/DHCPInform is issued whenever a response to a
        DHCPINFORM is received.
      Modules which claim sub-reason code 3 (DynamicBootStart) can now alter
        R2 (if they claim the reason code) to contain the return value for
        the Internet module's ioctl handler.  Previously, the Internet module
        always returned EADDRUNAVAIL if the service call was claimed, which
        meant that callers had to use other means to determine whether the
        dynamic boot had completed (eg. by querying the DHCP module directly)
      Documentation file LibraryDoc updated with details.
      Required by Internet 5.25 and later.
      Required by DHCP 0.05 and later.
    Version 5.18. Tagged as 'TCPIPLibs-5_18'
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