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    Updated net/if.h and sys/mbuf.h to work when used with C++. · 9ba0f2ae
    Ben Laughton authored
        In net/if.h struct if_data was defined within struct ifnet, but also
        referred to later outside of struct ifnet.  This is fine in C since
        the scope of strutures persists to the end of the translation unit, but
        in C++ it persists until the end of the block.
        This problem is solved by moving the definition of struct if_data out
        of struct ifnet and into the outermost level, as it is in the current
        FreeBSD sources.
        In sys/mbuf.h there were two defintions of struct mbuf; one was for ANSI C
        and one was for K&R C, and the appropriate one was chosen by testing whether
        __STDC__ was defined or not.  The ANSI C version of the structure has
        const members in it, which C++ does not allow unless the structure/class
        has a constructor (since const members can only be initialised in a
        constructor's initialiser-list).  The C++ standard says that use of
        __STDC__ is implementation defined, which means we can't rely on picking up
        the non-ANSI C version of the structure in C++ code.
        A third definition of the structure has been added, which is used if
        __cplusplus is defined.  It retains the const members, but declares a
        private constructor, which keeps the compiler happy with respect to the
        const members.  Under the terms of the C++ standard, this is still a
        'P.O.D.' (Plain Old Data) structure, so it is guaranteed to have the same
        storage layout as the C one.  In addition, the m_sys* members have been
        made private, since the client should never access these.
        Tested with the ATM driver to verify the the changes work with C++.
        Tested with PPP to ensure that things still work for C.
        Version incremented to 5.10 and tagged.
    Version 5.10. Tagged as 'TCPIPLibs-5_10'
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