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    Support for DHCP module. · 4bdc34d1
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Added a new ioctl (SIOCGWHOIAMD) for the private use of the
        DHCP module.
      Defined structure for ioctl data in protocols/dhcp.h.  The
        "ifr_flags" field is the union part that is used to pass
        action flags to Internet.
      Updated comment that protocol is defined by RFC2131 & RFC2132.
      Software which includes protocols/dhcp.h may need modification
        to ensure that net/if.h is included too, as it requires a
        definition of struct ifreq.  No software in Renaissance is
        believed to be affected currently.
      Required by Internet 5.20
        (Internet-5_20 in RiscOS/Sources/Networking/AUN/Internet)
      Required by DHCP 0.00
        (DHCP-0_00 in RiscOS/Sources/Networking/DHCP)
    Version 5.09. Tagged as 'TCPIPLibs-5_09'
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