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    Various updates generally associated with CTools builds. · 5ef9ae4d
    Steve Revill authored
    Components (ROOL CTools):
      * Added new components (ITable, BlendTable, RTC) for exports
      * Switch to using Install: rather than <Install$Dir> to help CLX
      * Replace CToolsCD component with DDE component
    ModuleDB tweaks:
      * Added the (closed source) DDE resources component
      * Added a component for BuildSys itself (so DDE can get the Makefiles)
    Shared makefile tweadded ERASECVS to the standard tools
      * Added a verbose copy flags CPVFLAGS for big copy operations
      * Added "install" rule for debug app builds (amu install INSTTYPE=debug)
    Version 6.53. Tagged as 'BuildSys-6_53'
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