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Clean reimport of hdr.RISCOS (real commit date 2008-03-28 by bavison), without...

Clean reimport of hdr.RISCOS (real commit date 2008-03-28 by bavison), without any of the 3rd party allocations.
hdr/** gitlab-language=armasm linguist-language=armasm linguist-detectable=true
Apache License
Version 2.0, January 2004
1. Definitions.
"License" shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction,
and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.
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3. Grant of Patent License. Subject to the terms and conditions of
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; Copyright 2008 Castle Technology Ltd
; Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
; You may obtain a copy of the License at
; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
; limitations under the License.
; This header file is autogenerated from the files maintained by the
; RISC OS allocations manager and should not be edited by anyone else.
SUBT Definitions relating to the basic RISCOS kernel ==> Hdr:RISCOS
OPT OptNoList+OptNoP1List
; SWI names are exported in two forms :
; 1) with OS_ 'OS_DoThingToOtherThing' as N
; 2) with XOS_ 'XOS_DoThingToOtherThing' as N + Auto_Error_SWI_bit
Auto_Error_SWI_bit_number * 17
Auto_Error_SWI_bit * 1 :SHL: Auto_Error_SWI_bit_number
^ RISCOS_Kernel_0SWI_Base
AddSWI WriteC ; &00
AddSWI WriteS ; &01
AddSWI Write0 ; &02
AddSWI NewLine ; &03
AddSWI ReadC ; &04
AddSWI CLI ; &05
AddSWI Byte ; &06
AddSWI Word ; &07
AddSWI File ; &08
AddSWI Args ; &09
AddSWI BGet ; &0A
AddSWI BPut ; &0B
AddSWI Find ; &0D
AddSWI ReadLine ; &0E
AddSWI Control ; &0F
AddSWI GetEnv ; &10
AddSWI Exit ; &11
AddSWI SetEnv ; &12
AddSWI IntOn ; &13
AddSWI IntOff ; &14
AddSWI CallBack ; &15
AddSWI EnterOS ; &16
AddSWI BreakPt ; &17
AddSWI BreakCtrl ; &18
AddSWI UnusedSWI ; &19
AddSWI UpdateMEMC ; &1A
AddSWI SetCallBack ; &1B
AddSWI Mouse ; &1C
AddSWI Heap ; &1D ; Our new ones start here
AddSWI Module ; &1E
AddSWI Claim ; &1F ; PMF's vector handling
AddSWI Release ; &20 ; routines
AddSWI ReadUnsigned ; &21 ; Read an unsigned number
AddSWI GenerateEvent ; &22
AddSWI ReadVarVal ; &23 ; read variable value & type
AddSWI SetVarVal ; &24 ; set variable value & type
AddSWI GSInit ; &25
AddSWI GSRead ; &26
AddSWI GSTrans ; &27
AddSWI BinaryToDecimal ; &28
AddSWI FSControl ; &29
AddSWI ChangeDynamicArea ; &2A
AddSWI GenerateError ; &2B
AddSWI ReadEscapeState ; &2C
AddSWI EvaluateExpression ; &2D
AddSWI SpriteOp ; &2E
AddSWI ReadPalette ; &2F ; (was FontManager)
AddSWI ServiceCall ; &30 ; was Claim_Release_FIQ
AddSWI ReadVduVariables ; &31
AddSWI ReadPoint ; &32
AddSWI UpCall ; &33
AddSWI CallAVector ; &34 ; was ReadCurrentError
AddSWI ReadModeVariable ; &35
AddSWI RemoveCursors ; &36
AddSWI RestoreCursors ; &37
AddSWI SWINumberToString ; &38
AddSWI SWINumberFromString ; &39
AddSWI ValidateAddress ; &3A
AddSWI CallAfter ; &3B
AddSWI CallEvery ; &3C
AddSWI RemoveTickerEvent ; &3D
AddSWI InstallKeyHandler ; &3E
AddSWI CheckModeValid ; &3F
^ RISCOS_Kernel_1SWI_Base
AddSWI ChangeEnvironment ; &40
AddSWI ClaimScreenMemory ; &41
AddSWI ReadMonotonicTime ; &42
AddSWI SubstituteArgs ; &43
AddSWI PrettyPrint ; &44
AddSWI Plot ; &45
AddSWI WriteN ; &46
AddSWI AddToVector ; &47
AddSWI WriteEnv ; &48
AddSWI ReadArgs ; &49
AddSWI ReadRAMFsLimits ; &4A
AddSWI ClaimDeviceVector ; &4B
AddSWI ReleaseDeviceVector ; &4C
AddSWI DelinkApplication ; &4D
AddSWI RelinkApplication ; &4E
AddSWI HeapSort ; &4F
AddSWI ExitAndDie ; &50
AddSWI ReadMemMapInfo ; &51
AddSWI ReadMemMapEntries ; &52
AddSWI SetMemMapEntries ; &53
AddSWI AddCallBack ; &54
AddSWI ReadDefaultHandler ; &55
AddSWI SetECFOrigin ; &56
AddSWI SerialOp ; &57
AddSWI ReadSysInfo ; &58
AddSWI Confirm ; &59
AddSWI ChangedBox ; &5A
AddSWI CRC ; &5B
AddSWI ReadDynamicArea ; &5C
AddSWI PrintChar ; &5D
AddSWI ChangeRedirection ; &5E
AddSWI RemoveCallBack ; &5F
AddSWI FindMemMapEntries ; &60
AddSWI SetColour ; &61
AddSWI ClaimSWI ; &62 ; In ToolkitSpt - Must be implemented
AddSWI ReleaseSWI ; &63 ; OS > 3.10.
AddSWI Pointer ; &64
AddSWI ScreenMode ; &65
AddSWI DynamicArea ; &66
AddSWI AbortTrap ; &67
AddSWI Memory ; &68
AddSWI ClaimProcessorVector ; &69
AddSWI Reset ; &6A
AddSWI MMUControl ; &6B
AddSWI ResyncTime ; &6C
AddSWI PlatformFeatures ; &6D
AddSWI SynchroniseCodeAreas ; &6E
AddSWI CallASWI ; &6F
AddSWI AMBControl ; &70 ### Clashes with OS_SpecialControl on PPlus ###
AddSWI CallASWIR12 ; &71
AddSWI SpecialControl ; &72 ### this was &70 in original PPlus sources ###
AddSWI EnterUSR32 ; &73 first used in Ursula
AddSWI EnterUSR26 ; &74 first used in Ursula
AddSWI VIDCDivider ; &75
AddSWI NVMemory ; &76
^ OS_NVMemory + 4
AddSWI Hardware ; &7A
AddSWI IICOp ; &7B
AddSWI LeaveOS ; &7C
AddSWI ReadLine32 ; &7D
AddSWI SubstituteArgs32 ; &7E
AddSWI HeapSort32 ; &7F
ASSERT @ <= &C0
SWIClass SETS RISCOS_StringConversionSWI_Name
^ RISCOS_StringConversionSWI_Base
AddSWI ConvertStandardDateAndTime ; &C0
AddSWI ConvertDateAndTime ; &C1
^ RISCOS_StringConversionSWI_Base + &10
AddSWI ConvertHex1 ; &D0
AddSWI ConvertHex2 ; &D1
AddSWI ConvertHex4 ; &D2
AddSWI ConvertHex6 ; &D3
AddSWI ConvertHex8 ; &D4
AddSWI ConvertCardinal1 ; &D5
AddSWI ConvertCardinal2 ; &D6
AddSWI ConvertCardinal3 ; &D7
AddSWI ConvertCardinal4 ; &D8
AddSWI ConvertInteger1 ; &D9
AddSWI ConvertInteger2 ; &DA
AddSWI ConvertInteger3 ; &DB
AddSWI ConvertInteger4 ; &DC
AddSWI ConvertBinary1 ; &DD
AddSWI ConvertBinary2 ; &DE
AddSWI ConvertBinary3 ; &DF
AddSWI ConvertBinary4 ; &E0
AddSWI ConvertSpacedCardinal1 ; &E1
AddSWI ConvertSpacedCardinal2 ; &E2
AddSWI ConvertSpacedCardinal3 ; &E3
AddSWI ConvertSpacedCardinal4 ; &E4
AddSWI ConvertSpacedInteger1 ; &E5
AddSWI ConvertSpacedInteger2 ; &E6
AddSWI ConvertSpacedInteger3 ; &E7
AddSWI ConvertSpacedInteger4 ; &E8
AddSWI ConvertFixedNetStation ; &E9
AddSWI ConvertNetStation ; &EA
AddSWI ConvertFixedFileSize ; &EB
AddSWI ConvertFileSize ; &EC
AddSWI ConvertHex16 ; &ED
AddSWI ConvertCardinal8 ; &EE
AddSWI ConvertInteger8 ; &EF
AddSWI ConvertBinary8 ; &F0
AddSWI ConvertSpacedCardinal8 ; &F1
AddSWI ConvertSpacedInteger8 ; &F2
AddSWI ConvertFixedFileSize64 ; &F3
AddSWI ConvertFileSize64 ; &F4
ASSERT @ <= &100
SWIClass SETS RISCOS_WriteCharacter_0SWI_Name
^ RISCOS_WriteCharacter_0SWI_Base
AddSWI WriteI ; &100-&1FF
; RISC OS Specific register synonyms
Error RN r0 ; Error return pointer
wp RN r12 ; Workspace Pointer
WP RN r12
WsPtr RN r12
sp RN r13 ; Stack Pointer
SP RN r13
sp_irq RN r13_irq ; Note there is no definition
sp_svc RN r13_svc ; for sp_usr or sp_fiq.
stack RN r13
Stack RN r13
; Vector numbers
UserV * &00
ErrorV * &01
IrqV * &02
WrchV * &03
RdchV * &04 ; --,
CliV * &05 ; |
ByteV * &06 ; |
WordV * &07 ; |
FileV * &08 ; |
ArgsV * &09 ; } These numbers correspond
BGetV * &0A ; } to the SWI numbers
BPutV * &0B ; |
GBPBV * &0C ; |
FindV * &0D ; |
ReadLineV * &0E ; --'
FSCV * &0F
EventV * &10
UPTV * &11
NETV * &12
KEYV * &13
INSV * &14
REMV * &15
CNPV * &16 ; Count/Purge Buffer V
UKVDU23V * &17 ; VDU23 (decimal)
UKSWIV * &18 ; Unknown SWI numbers
UKPLOTV * &19 ; VDU25 (decimal)
MouseV * &1A ; The mouse SWI vectors along here
VDUXV * &1B ; The kernel calls this vector instead of
; the VDU if bit 5 of wrch destination set
TickerV * &1C ; 100Hz pacemaker
UpCallV * &1D ; The 'can you deal with this before I go bang' vector.
ChangeEnvironmentV * &1E ; vectors along here when changing any handlers,
; so debuggers etc. can stop it getting through.
SpriteV * &1F ; called by SWI SpriteOp
DrawV * &20 ; polygon fill vector for printers
EconetV * &21 ; Vector for NetFS/Econet progress reporting
ColourV * &22 ; for the ColourTrans module
PaletteV * &23 ; palette changed indication
SerialV * &24 ; indirection of SerialOps from kernel to Serial device drivers.
FontV * &25 ; indirection of Font Manager calls prior
; to processing by Font Manager.
PointerV * &26 ; for mouse drivers
TimeShareV * &27 ; SkyNet TimeShare
GraphicsV * &2A ; indirection of graphics system from Kernel
UnthreadV * &2B ; high-priority callbacks
SpareVector4 * &2C
SpareVector3 * &2D
SpareVector2 * &2E
SpareVector1 * &2F
; LowPriorityEventV
; R0 - flags
; R1 - event class
; R2 - event type
; Event Classes
; 0 - System
; 1 - Window
NVECTORS * &30 ; There are this many vectors, 0..NVECTORS-1
; Buffer indices
Buff_Key * 0
Buff_RS423In * 1
Buff_RS423Out * 2
Buff_Print * 3
Buff_Sound0 * 4
Buff_Sound1 * 5
Buff_Sound2 * 6
Buff_Sound3 * 7
Buff_Speech * 8
Buff_Mouse * 9
; Event numbers. 0..31 available
Event_OutputEmpty * 0
Event_InputFull * 1
Event_CharInput * 2
Event_ADCConvert * 3
Event_VSync * 4
Event_IntervalTimer * 5
Event_Escape * 6
Event_RS423Error * 7
Event_Econet_UserRPC * 8
Event_User * 9
Event_Mouse * 10
Event_Keyboard * 11
Event_Sound * 12
Event_Econet_Rx * 14
Event_Econet_Tx * 15
Event_Econet_OSProc * 16 ; This is where Notify, View etc. happen
Event_MIDI * 17 ; to notify of MIDI data being received
Event_Internet * 19
Event_Expansion * 21 ; was SJ. Now earmarked for use with subreason codes
Event_DeviceOverRun * 22 ; DeviceFS to inform the world that a device has overrun
Event_PortableBMU * 28 ; Downgrade of BMU interrupt.
; #### WARNING #### There are TWO event numbers left. Do not allocate any more
; without a really good reason. amg
Event_PRISM * 32 ; State change events from the PRISM subsystem
; Subreason codes for Event_Expansion - to be passed in R1 on the event call
^ 0
Event_Expansion_SmartCard # 0 ; ANC Rich Buckley
Event_Expansion_SCInterface # 1 ; 1 more useful alias for above
Event_Expansion_SCTransport # 1 ; 2
; Keyboard status bits
KBStat_PendingAlt * &01
KBStat_ScrollLock * &02
KBStat_NoNumLock * &04
KBStat_ShiftEngaged * &08
KBStat_NoCapsLock * &10
KBStat_NoShiftLock * &20
KBStat_CtrlEngaged * &40
KBStat_ShiftEnable * &80
KBStat_NoCapsLockBitNo * 4
MainVars * &A6
MosVer * 6 ; nice non-zero value
GBLS MosTitle
MosTitle SETS "Tim's Arthur Operating System 0.00"
; If assembling arthur, there are better strings to use!!
NIL * &80000000 ; An interesting value
MaxLengthDateLo * &33EA0000 ; Wednesday, 28th September 1988
MaxLengthDateHi * &00000041 ; 11:34:36.80 am
; +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
; And a handy variable or three
GBLL False
GBLL AssemblingArthur
AssemblingArthur SETL False
; This needs to be defined for some builds of the Wimp to correctly
; select delegation of application memory management code to the kernel.
AMBKernel SETL True
; Tells Switcher it's being built on a system with OS_DynamicArea 6 and 7
; available - activated by Kernel's internal DynArea_QuickHandles switch.
GBLL OSD6and7Kernel
OSD6and7Kernel SETL True
OPT OldOpt
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