Commit 02943d44 authored by Timothy E Baldwin's avatar Timothy E Baldwin Committed by ROOL
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Remove pointless double test of Ctrl and Shift

parent e1c04167
......@@ -2960,7 +2960,7 @@ PageTest
BL Page_ProcessCallbacks ; give callbacks at least one chance per line
BL CtrlShiftTest ; on exit, C=CTRL, N=SHIFT
BCC Page20 ; CTRL up, then branch
BCC Page40 ; CTRL up, then branch
BPL Page20 ; SHIFT up, then branch
; CTRL and SHIFT are down
......@@ -2977,10 +2977,10 @@ Page18
; CTRL and SHIFT are not both down
BL CtrlShiftTest
BCC Page40 ; [CTRL not down]
; CTRL down, so wait for auto repeat delay time before continuing
BL PostWrchCursor ; we may be some time, so enable cursor
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