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    * Meaning of FEIOSpeedHalf was accidentally inverted. · fb297c9b
    Kevin Bracey authored
    * Wasn't allowing writes to most of EEPROM.
    * Old prototype OS_SetTime SWI code removed.
    * MPEGPoduleNTSCNotPALMask option support removed to simplify things a bit.
    * Now can cope with a system with a PAL/NTSC link, but no monitor detect line.
    * Default PAL & NTSC modes now always 12 & 46 respectively.
    * Kernel now knows about monitor type 8 (NTSC) - modes 44-46 (640x200) are
    * STB/NC CMOS test removed from POST pending further investigation.
    Version 4.90. Tagged as 'Kernel-4_90'
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