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    Be more forgiving of GraphicsV init failures · e4a8bac2
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    * Update OS_ScreenMode 11's handling of drivers which fail to
    initialise. If there was no previous driver, then instead of trying to
    restore that nonexistant driver, stick with the new one. This is mainly
    to help with the case where the kernel's built in modes aren't accepted
    by the driver, and valid modes only become available once an MDF is
    loaded (this can happen with early OMAP3 chip revisions, which have very
    tight sync & porch limits, causing 90% of the kernel's modes to be
    rejected). If the kernel was to revert to the "no driver" state, then
    loading the MDF would still leave you with no video output.
    * Since we can now end up in a state where a driver is selected but
    hasn't been programmed yet, update OS_Byte 19 to detect this (via the
    magic ScreenBlankDPMSState value of 255) and avoid waiting for VSync
    * Update RemovePages & InsertRemovePagesExit (screen DA handlers) to
    avoid infinite loops if the screen DA gets shrunk to zero size (was seen
    while attempting to complete the !Boot sequence while no driver was
    Version 6.33. Tagged as 'Kernel-6_33'
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