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    Add builtin software pointer support · d1af0ed0
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      This set of changes adds support for rendering software mouse pointers directly in the kernel, rather than requiring graphics drivers to render them themselves as was the case previously.
      If a driver returns from GraphicsV_Features with the 'hardware pointer' bit clear, and a call to GraphicsV_UpdatePointer is returned unclaimed, then the kernel will step in and render a software pointer. This allows selective control over which areas of the screen the software pointer is used (e.g. if hardware only supports its use in some areas)
      hdr/KernelWS - Shrink PointerXEigFactor to 1 byte to free up some space for tracking the display log2bpp. Use 8 words of space for tracking software pointer state.
      s/vdu/vducursoft - Adjust existing the existing calls to the software pointer RemovePointer/RestorePointer functions so that they're called with IRQs enabled
      s/vdu/vdudriver - Keep track of display log2bpp. Claim/release memory needed for restoring pixels under software pointer.
      s/vdu/vdugrafhal - Update HAL_VideoUpdatePointer handling so that 0 can be returned in a1 to indicate the GraphicsV call should be left unclaimed.
      s/vdu/vdupalxx - Trigger updates of the cached software pointer palette whenever it's likely to become invalidated.
      s/vdu/vdupointer - Add software pointer implementation. Relying on a SpriteExtend OS_SpriteOp would be nice, but we're in the background so have to do plotting & unplotting manually. ColourTrans is used to cache the pointer palette colours for the current mode, although we're limited to calling it from a callback.
      Tested on Raspberry Pi & BB-xM
      Pointer is very flickery under some circumstances (e.g. running !CloseUp) due to needing to plot/unplot around any VDU driver screen access (as per text cursor). So code may need revising in future once we can trap reads/writes from specific screen memory pages.
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_269'
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