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    32-bit Kernel. · b4016e9c
    Kevin Bracey authored
      The Kernel will now compile to produce a pure 32-bit system if No26bitCode is
      set to TRUE.
      If No26bitCode is FALSE, then the Kernel will be a standard 26-bit Kernel,
      although some internal changes have taken place to minimise compile
      switches between the two cases. See Docs.32bit for more technical info.
      The hardest part was the flood-fill...
    Other changes:
      Pointer shape changes now take place on the next VSync, rather than actually
      WAITING for the VSync. Turning the Hourglass on shouldn't slow your machine
      down by 5% now :)
      Lots of really crusty pre-IOMD code removed.
      Tested in 32 and 26-bit forms in a limited desktop build. Basically, this
      will need to see a lot of use to iron out difficulties. I'd like anyone who
      has a non-frozen project to at least attempt using this Kernel.
    Version 5.23. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_23'
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