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    Resolve 2x header clashes · 8cfe216b
    Robert Sprowson authored
      Remove this, since it clashes with the (differing API version number) copy exported by SATADriver. Post merging the Kernel back to the trunk the newer file datestamp has meant the wrong one gets exported during any ROM build which includes both components. Since the Kernel doesn't need AHCIDevice itself, it is left to the respective client (SATADriver or AHCIDriver in this case) to export them.
      Resolve the longstanding clash of Module_Title with the same named symbol that CMHG uses. There are very few assembler needing to look at the module header (Kernel, FileCore, Debugger, Podule) directly, but every C module which uses CMHG and wants one of the ModHandReason values ends up with a duplicate define.
      Obsolete Arthur era Module_LoadAddr value.
      Recode Module_LoadAddr using the file type from Hdr:FileTypes.
      Drop unused NVRAM and PortMan headers. Add Hdr:FileTypes.
    Version 5.54. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_54'
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