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    ModeFlag_GreyscalePalette handling improvements. Issue service calls on... · 7fbbad3d
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    ModeFlag_GreyscalePalette handling improvements. Issue service calls on certain GraphicsV events. Sprite tweaks and fixes.
      hdr/VduExt - Add reason codes used by Service_DisplayChanged & Service_DisplayStatus
      s/vdu/vdugrafg - Remove dependency on SpriteReason_BadReasonCode; just use the size of our lookup table instead. Alter SpriteOp lookup table so that unimplemented ops return an error instead of doing nothing. Fix PutSprite incorrectly using the slow GCOL action plotter if a request was made to plot a sprite using its mask but the sprite has none.
      s/vdu/vdugrafl - Update screen redirection handling to set ModeFlag_GreyscalePalette if switching output to a sprite with a greyscale palette or a RISC OS Select alpha mask. Restore the flag to its correct value when restoring screen output.
      s/vdu/vdupalxx - Update ModeFlag_GreyscalePalette in realtime as the palette is changed
      s/vdu/vduswis - Issue Service_DisplayChanged during OS_ScreenMode 11. Issue Service_DisplayStatus during OS_ScreenMode 65 & 66.
      Tested on Iyonix, BB-xM
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_210'
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