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    Fix OS_Hardware 3 to be re-entrant · 6f9f922b
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/HAL - OS_Hardware 3 (remove HAL device) will now re-scan the device list for the device following the Service_Hardware call, so that the device list won't become corrupt if the service call triggers addition/removal of devices.
      Tested on iMX6
      *HDMIOff now correctly removes the HDMI audio device and SoundDMA's software mixer device (SoundDMA removes mixer in response to the HDMI audio device vanishing, but re-entrancy bug meant that the HDMI device was left on the list)
      Note that this only covers re-entrancy via Service_Hardware. OS_Hardware 2/3/4/5 are not re-entrant from other locations (e.g. IRQ handlers or memory allocation service calls).
    Version 6.12. Tagged as 'Kernel-6_12'
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