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    Fix ability for PMPs to claim specific pages · 5e3e9d38
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/ChangeDyn - Due to the way that some page flags map to the same bits as (different) DA flags, the Batcall that PMP_PreGrow makes in order to claim the requested page was getting confused and thinking that the special DMA PreGrow handler should be used instead of the DA-specific one (which in this case is a custom one responsible for claiming the right page). Modify PMP_PreGrow so that it only supplies DA flags to the Batcall, and patches in any custom page flags afterwards.
      Also swap magic number for appropriate symbol in PMPGrowHandler.
      Tested on BB-xM
      Fixes CAM corruption when a PMP claims a specific page, due to the PMP code and DA code disagreeing about which page should be used
    Version 6.00. Tagged as 'Kernel-6_00'
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