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    Make s/ChangeDyn slightly more readable by splitting some routines out into a separate file · 4a6150dc
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/MemMap2 - New file containing assorted low-level memory mapping routines taken from s/ChangeDyn. N.B. There's no special significance to this being named "MemMap2", it's just a name that stuck due to some earlier (abandoned) changes which added a file named "MemMap".
      s/ChangeDyn - Remove the routines/chunks of code that were moved to s/MemMap2. Also some duplicate code removal (Regular DA grow code and DoTheGrowNotSpecified are now rely on the new DoTheGrowCommon routine for doing the actual grow)
      s/GetAll - GET s/MemMap2 at an appropriate time
      Tested on pretty much everything currently supported
    Version 5.67. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_67'
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