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    Exports a C version of Hdr:RISCOS · 2a2f8af6
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Hdr:RISCOS contains some of the most useful constant declarations,
        including the vector numbers and event numbers.  The new improved
        Hdr2H script is now capable of converting this header file into C
        too.  It exports it as <CExport$Dir>.Global.h.RISCOS.  It cannot
        interfere in existing code as it requires explicit inclusion as
        #include "Global/RISCOS.h".
      No actual kernel code changes.
      File examined manually and checked for correctness against Hdr:RISCOS.
      Requires library 0.28 or later (RiscOS/Library  Tag: Library-0_28)
    Version 4.82. Tagged as 'Kernel-4_82'
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