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    * HAL can choose to limit amount of screen memory to allocate · 0f6941a8
    Kevin Bracey authored
      [Not fully implemented - for now leaves at least 16MB free if only
      one RAM area; was 1MB].
    * Added HAL_USBControllerInfo, HAL_MonitorLeadID and HAL_Video_Render.
    * Added HAL->OS call OS_IICOpV.
    * OS_MMUControl now allows independent control of I and C bits.
    * Added facility to deactivate keyboard debounce (magic word "NoKd" in
      R2 in KeyV 0).
    * Fixed problem with RAM amounts not a multiple of 4MB.
    * Supremacy bit (in VDU 19) now sets all 8 bits of supremacy.
    * Added PaletteV 14 (reads gamma tables).
    * Added Supremacy transfer functions (like gamma correction, but for
      supremacy). Allows easy global supremacy effects in a mode-independent
      fashion. Controlled with PaletteV 15,16.
    * Added modes 50-53 (320x240, 1,2,4,8bpp). Intended for small LCD.
    * Added 13.5kHz versions of TV modes (selected by Hdr:Machine).
    * Upped desktop version to 5.06.
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_66'
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