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    Changes to facilitate platform independence. · 0775d1d3
    Ben Avison authored
      * Build/aoftoc: Import of RISC OS binary of this previously internal tool
        used to embed ARM code fragments in generic executables. Allows
        harmonisation of the native and cross-compiling build processes for
        tools like cmhg and squeeze.
      * Build/InstRes: This is a new script to allow components' install and
        resources phases to be written in a platform-independent manner. Target
        Perl installations are the RISC OS port of Perl 5.001 (distributed by
        ROOL), and any Perl which internally uses Posix-style filespecs - this
        includes Cygwin, Linux and Mac OS X versions of Perl, as well as later
        RISC OS ports based on UnixLib.
      * Misc/TidyDesc: Modified to accept the ouput of the GCC preprocessor in
        addition to the Norcroft one. Also added support for backslash escaping
        so the preprocessor can be used for string substitution in a wider
        variety of of files.
      Tested by building components on RISC OS and Linux, using Norcroft and GCC.
    Version 1.37. Tagged as 'Library-1_37'