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    Initial import of SATADriver module · acebed7a
    Ben Avison authored
      This is the SATA implementation of a new generic ATA driver API, analogous
      to the SCSIDriver and SDIODriver APIs, but for ATA buses. Full support for
      port multipliers is included; effectively they appear transparent to the
      upper layers of the stack. No effort is to made to support enclosures,
      external SATA or hot-plugging (but note that hot-plugging is precluded by
      hardware on OMAP5432x and AM572x). Background transfers are only partially
      implemented at present. DMA is used, as mandated by the AHCI specification.
      The module is written mostly in C for maintainability and extendability, and
      uses locks for compatibility with a future multi-core version of the OS.
      This version is what appeared in initial Titanium ROM releases.
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