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    No longer assumes that it should attach itself to eh0 if it cannot find a driver. · 698e4170
    Stewart Brodie authored
      The module used to have specific knowledge of the driver to which it
        was supposed to bind if it was unable to find any active drivers at
        the time that LanManFS was initialised.  This meant that if the
        LanManFS module was placed in ROM (eg. in STB3) and the drivers
        hadn't initialised by the time that LanManFS was initialised, it
        would sit and wait for EtherH to arrive - which doesn't happen
        for ATM solutions, and doesn't happen for Ethernet in STB3 because
        we no longer use EtherH!
      Tested in STB22 expansion cards, and in STB3 ROM builds for both
        Ethernet and ATM solutions.
    Version 2.05. Tagged as 'LanManFS-2_05'
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