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    Fixed use of uninitialised pointer. · 01a3f774
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Now doesn't require that the !ArmBoot object is a directory
      The code in Omni.c was carefully checking that !ARMBOOT existed
        before attempting to run the boot file.  Unfortunately, it was
        using a method which bypassed the filename resolution (that does
        the ,xxx filetype name mapping), so it did not find the new Obey
        file in the 400 series baseline.  The check has been removed.
      The code in SMB.c was being caught out on an uninitialised variable
        usage when the attribute cache already held details of the object
        being sought.  The variable would have been initialised on a non-
        cached lookup, but the special case of booting a machine via LanManFS
        manages to get a cached lookup without having run through the routine
        before, resulting in a strcpy() with a destination of 0.
      Tested on Risc PC.
      Fixes fault 1511 (STB-400 Generic)
    Version 2.11. Tagged as 'LanManFS-2_11'
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