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    Initial import of the sources of the "defmod" tool, used to build OSLib. · f4b50277
    Stewart Brodie authored
      These sources represent the GPLed version of defmod available with OSLib
      5.5, with modifications to support -26bit and -32bit options to choose the
      APCS variant being used.
      The code has been reorganised to remove dependencies on path variables
      which are not appropriate for our build structure.  The sources directory
      contains the main code sources; the bs directory contains bootstrap headers
      to enable defmod to be build without OSLib headers being available; the
      support directory contains derivatives of JCoxhead's support library.
      Code changes are a switch in support.s.riscosa to support 32-bit builds of
      defmod itself; sources.y.defmod includes VersionNum and uses Module_Date
      and Module_FullVersion in the -help output; sources.c.objasm has a new
      apcs32 flag which controls MOV vs. MOVS and LDM vs. LDM^ for veneer exits.
      The Makefile is a complete rewrite.
      Do not define __GNUC__ as zero even if the compiler wants you to - it
        breaks other things (due to inconsistent use of #ifdef and #if)
      Checked output is correct by inspecting AOF files generated by ToolAction.
      This tool sits in the GNU sources directory as it is released the GPL.
      This tool exports its binary to the Library.Build directory because that
        is where it lives in the library at the moment.
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