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    Make name cache flush unconditional · 22f3ec34
    Robert Sprowson authored
    The size returned by OS_File 5 might not match the size shown in the Filer viewer (or via *EX) because the last cached version was being returned. This would manifest itself as an error from !Edit if the file on the server had grown since last queried, when loading the file the amount of memory reserved was for the smaller (stale cache copy size).
    The name cache is now always flushed on exit from the FileSwitch functions, this doesn't alter performance because the size was already being queried across the network, it was just that the result was overridden by the cached copy.
    Be more robust and only capture the default driver name when it starts up.
    This could be a problem if LanManFS starts after the ethernet driver, and the value of Inet$EtherType is unset. When the driver dies LanManFS would have taken that name as the default - leading to "Bad parameter" when trying to connect to a share.
    Tested on IOMD with WinXP SP3.
    Version 2.44. Tagged as 'LanManFS-2_44'
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