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    Strip out some old build switches · 9d96c0ab
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      hdr/Options, s/ArthurSWIs, s/ChangeDyn, s/PMF/KbdDrA1, s/PMF/key, s/vdu/vdugrafa, s/vdu/vdugrafd, s/vdu/vdugrafhal, s/vdu/vdugrafv, s/vdu/vdumodes, s/vdu/vduwrch:
      - Strip out DoingVdu build switch (did nothing)
      - Strip out Japanese16BitSound switch (did nothing)
      - Strip out MakeModeSelectorsForModeNUmbers switch (altered the mode list structures, but there wasn't any code to do anything with the new data)
      - Strip out remaining uses of UseGraphicsV switch (now hardwired to {TRUE})
      - Strip out ShadowROM switch (altered FixedAreasTable to show the shadow mapping, but code to create the mapping is missing)
      - Strip out PollMouse switch (old Archimedes-era debug/development option)
      Tested on BB-xM
      Builds to same binary as previous version
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_204'
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