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    Delete STB code · 9a571a08
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      This change gets rid of the following switches from the source (picking appropriate code paths for a desktop build):
      * STB
      * RO371Timings
      * NormalSpeedROMS
      * AutoSpeedROMS
      * RISCPCBurstMode
      * InterlacedPointer
      * ParallelFlashUpgrade (and s/FlashROM file)
      * Embedded_UI
      Some of the deleted code might be worth revisiting in future:
      * OS_ReadSysInfo 4 support for storing the MAC in alternate CMOS locations (including 2nd copy for error checking) or fetching via Service_MachineAddress
      * Mouse handling changes, possibly aimed at hiding the mouse pointer if a mouse isn't connected
      * More strict CMOS validation in s/NewReset
      Identical binary to previous revision for IOMD & Raspberry Pi builds
    Version 5.50. Tagged as 'Kernel-5_50'
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