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    Add GIC interrupt controller support for BCM2838. · c821ef59
    Jeffrey Lee authored
    * Requires 'enable_gic=1' in config.txt (or Pi4 dtb to be present?)
    * IRQs are managed via the GIC, FIQs via the BCM2838 FIQ controller
    * Implemented in s.IntVC6 to avoid making s.Interrupts too
    * Previous VC6 interrupt support removed from s.Interrupts
    * From the OS's perspective, interrupt numbers mostly remain
    unchanged. However iDev_QA7 interrupts are unavailable, and some of
    the BCM2838 interrupts have been overlaid ontop of them.
    * Device drivers must take care to issue HAL_IRQClear, as that is
    a new requirement for this HAL
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