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    Add Tftp to the disc based !Internet commands · 427b8998
    Robert Sprowson authored
    A TFTP client is described in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite manual but seems to have been lost somewhere along the way, perhaps when the Internet 5 work was done? TFTP is often used to load OS images or similar boot time stuff as it's a very simple (and insecure) protocol.
    Port a contemporary client from FreeBSD (circa March 2000) with a few changes to allow it to run on RISC OS.
      Remove the BareMinUtils option. Nothing uses it, and it wouldn't work anyway since it's missing !Run.
      Add Tftp
    Tested against OpenTFTP server 1.64 running on Windows, GETting and PUTing a number of files.
    Version 5.58. Tagged as 'Internet-5_58'
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