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    Add Raspberry Pi 2 support · 89b7f37b
    Ben Avison authored
      The Raspberry Pi ROM now joins the IOMD ROM in supporting multiple
      architectures, in this case ARMv6 and ARMv7. This has been achieved by
      creating a new machine type specific for Raspberry Pi. The old ARM11ZF
      machine type remains for builds that are ARM11-only.
      The Raspberry Pi 2 uses the Cortex-A7 processor, which includes version 4
      of the VFP instruction set and version 2 of the Advanced SIMD (NEON)
      instruction set. You can now switch on this at assembly time using the new
      switches NoARMVv4 and SupportARMVv4.
    Version 2.50. Tagged as 'HdrSrc-2_50'
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