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    Preserve full load/exec for untyped files · ddfde4f4
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Rather than turning any untyped file into ",lxa" suffix (and in the reverse direction giving the base address of the Kernel back), support ",llllllll-xxxxxxxx" style suffixes like RPCEmu does in order to preserve the full load and execution addresses.
    Xlate.c: Extra code to parse the suffix, and simplification of existing suffix checkers.
    CoreFn.c/Xlate.h: Need to pass on the exec address too for when creating new files via Xlt_AddROType.
    Makefile/LanMan_MH: Case of CMHG file changed to match sources.
    Version 2.68. Tagged as 'OmniLanManFS-2_68'
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