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    Fix OS_EvaluateExpression · fd66eeef
    Timothy E Baldwin authored
    OS_EvaluateExpression is documented as applying GSTrans to any strings
    within the expression, but did instead GSTrans the entire expression.
    This would result in a sequence such as:
        *Set Alias$@RunType_FD1 "Basic -quit ""%0"" %*1"
        *If "<Alias$@RunType_FD1>"="" Then Set Alias$@RunType_FD1 @RunType_FFB %*0
    raising a "Unknown operand" error as the quote in the variable
    were interpreted as expression syntax. See
    Unfortunately skipping the initial GSTrans breaks common code such as:
        If "<StrED_cfg$Dir>" = "" AND <Ctrl$Pressed> = 0 Then ...
        If "<Zap$OSVsn>" <> "" Then SetEval ZapFonts$OSVsn <Zap$OSVsn>
    Fix by applying a GSTrans transformation over unquoted parts of the
    expression, then applying GSTrans over the quoted strings.
    Version 6.51. Tagged as 'Kernel-6_51'